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The Mercy Project


A unique component of Our Lady of Mercy Academy’s

curriculum is participation in The Mercy Project. The

Mercy Project is our interpretation of a community

service-based course in which students play active

roles in both our immediate and extended

neighborhoods.  This course puts Mercy Academy’s

mission into action.  It calls on students to be informed

of the world immediately around them and beyond,

and the needs of the greater community.  The goal is

for students to be motivated and inspired to share

their gifts and knowledge to have an impact on others,

and to grow as compassionate, active citizens. 


* The Mercy Project totals 1 credit in Social Studies.




Grade 9 or 10  •  .5 credit - A/B Semester

Students will study principles of sociocultural relationships and how to identify unmet needs in a community. They will learn to describe models of local, national, and global service, and will organize and participate in activities that relate to their studies and interests. Students will also learn the psycho-social principles behind leadership, management, and organization, while continuing to develop their personal interest in local, national, and global current events and service opportunities. This course will include guest speakers from existing community service organizations, local clergy and businesses, city officials, professors, and nonprofit Board members.



Grade 11 or 12  •  .5 credit - A/B Semester

Students will implement what they have learned in Service and Leadership to complete a distinct major project that utilizes the strategies of awareness, service, advocacy, and philanthropy.  Their final projects will be presented to and evaluated by a group of community members made up of faculty, parish leadership, school Advisory Board members, and local nonprofit staff.


*Note that current students in the classes of 2023 and 2024 will have taken separate courses in Service and Leadership for .5 credits each, and then will take the Mercy Project in Action course.

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