The Mercy Project


One unique component of Our Lady of

Mercy Academy’s curriculum is participation each

year in The Mercy Project. The Mercy Project

is our interpretation of a community service-based

course in which students play active roles in both

our immediate and extended neighborhoods, while

embodying the Spirit and values of Jesus Christ.


Grade 9 – Service (.5 credit)

First-Year Students will take Service, where they

will study principles of sociocultural relationships

and how to identify unmet needs in a community.

Students will learn to describe models of local,

national, and global service and will organize and

participate in activities that relate to their studies

and interests. This course will include guest

speakers from existing community service

organizations and local clergy.


Grade 10 – Leadership (.5 credit)

Sophomores will study Leadership. In this course, students will learn the psycho-social principals behind leadership, management, and organization, while continuing to develop their personal interest in local, national, and global current events and service opportunities. They will also learn about nonprofit Board composition and governance, and the important role that volunteer Boards play in leading organizations.  This course will include guest speakers from local businesses, city officials, professors, clergy, and nonprofit Board members.


Grade 11 – Business (.5 credit)

Juniors will examine Business. In this course, third year students will learn the basics of accounting, fundraising, marketing, finance, human resources, strategic planning, and law.  They will come to understand how knowledge of all of these subjects is critical in creating the framework of their own nonprofit organization geared toward service. This will include guest speakers from local businesses and nonprofits, financial advisors, professors, as well as marketing and development professionals.


Grade 12 – The Mercy Project (.5 credit)

In their final year, seniors will put their nonprofit business into action, culminating in an extensive presentation of their progress in the area of their expertise. This course will be overseen by an academic advisor and may be taught as an independent study.

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